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Until The End Of Time

If you only knew,
That you are not what you say.
If only I can have you see,
How beautiful you are in every way.
If you only knew,
The reason you are such a mess.
Is not because you are alone,
But because you settle for less.
If only you can see,
What I can see in yourself.
The true dark image,
Of what I see in myself.
Why do you think such things?
Till this day I don't know.
Why do you think you are alone?
When love surrounds your soul.
If only you can see,
If only you could know.
That all the darkness within,
Is only but a faint glow.
If only you could see,
That within every breath I make,
Your body, soul and heart,
Is what I desire to take.
If only with one breath,
One kiss, and you will be mine.
If only I can have your love,
From now, until the end of time.

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