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Now you Changed

Now when you have convince me to take things easy you fall in love.

Now when you say we are what we are you decide to make me your wifey.

Now when I have decided to accept the situation you change the setting.

Now that I know what I have to do you confuse me with words of love and behavior I never seen you act out.

Now you are the jealous one and calling and wanting more.

Now I do not cry and bother calling you to come.

Now when there is another interested you come to interfere with what you ddid not want before.

Now I do not know who to choose but I still love you and he I just met but has lots of potential for a serious relationship.

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  • yeah ....peple adapt to situations to survive and then never be the same...and the ones that change you want you the same. after so much work now I decided that this relationship has taken out of me too much and received to little...I am still in love but acceptance of reality hits hard and wakes you up & you see where you are and where you are heading...now i am confused but sure of myself and I am grateful for his presence but not for his continuously harmful company. I need to let him live because I love him too much and do not want him to hate me or the other way around with wasted time. Not overrated but too intense at times. It will be hard for me but that is life.
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