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I Love You

Never weep when you think of me,
Just remember me upon your knee.
I am happy to watch over you,
When you're never far from view.

I tried to stay a little longer,
But the pain, it grew so much stronger.
So to sleep I had to go,
To watch the stars all aglow.

My short life was always full,
I loved you, Daddy, Mummy and school.
Just think of me as your little jewel,
And never of how life is cruel.

I sparkle now as I always did,
I'm still your boisterous, loving kid.
I'm over here or over there,
Look around, even under the stair.

I hid some notes for you to find,
All with drawings and unsigned.
With three little words, you know are true,
Over and over - I love you.

John McKay Withey (c) 2009 

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