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introduce Aventurine jewelry

Aventurine, also known as sea stone or aventurine quartz, as it first produced in India, it is also known as "Indian Jade." Scientific name is the sand stone, is also a crystal family.
Both the Aventurine and crystal are the member of quartz .the different is the crystal is remarkable, and Aventurine is Aphanites
Aventurine is close relatives of crystal, and the only relationship with jade is both they are green.
There are two kinds of Aventurine in color of green and red, mostly opaque, and occasionally part of a little translucent, hardness is similar to crystal. Density is less than jade, and their prices are also far less than the high-quality jade
Many people believe that Aventurine is closely linked with the spirits Kingdom, so it can protect the garden or the house, protect them from the impact of tension in the court, reverse the unfavorable situation of the owner and bring success.
On the other hand, aventurine can absorb electromagnetic fog, wear aventurine can enhance the ability to defense against environmental pollution, or it can also be tied to mobile phones to prevent radiation. Aventurine necklace

There are three differences between the Aventurine and Jade
(1) Under the perspective light, there is parallel aventurine green chrome mica in the aventurine. View from the side, often forming a "green line." observed under the Charles color filter, green chrome mica showed red.
(2) Aventurine’s proportion is 2.65, which is much smaller than the proportion of jade. It can be weighed out by hand.
(3) The average refractive index of aventurine is 1.55, lower than the refractive index of jade.

Aventurine has the Red Aventurine and Green Aventurine, are quartz quality jade stones, Aventurine has the unique Mica flash
Identify the quality of Aventurine, generally speaking, black impurities, the less the better; the color, the more vivid the better; no crack; the surface, the brighter the better; and the same quality, the bigger the better
In fact, origin is not important; the place where produces the highest quality Aventurine also has the low quality output. So when purchasing do not make a fetish of the origin, depends on the quality of specific goods
The price, because Aventurine belongs to the medium and low grade jade stone, so it is not expensive, tens to hundreds, all depends on the size and number

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