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'a loving sight'

Today,I did my routine weekly.
Bought the things for Lucy.
Walking in the side walk,
going to the mall nearby.

In my arms I carried Lucy,
everyone turns to see
my lovely baby.

Time for her to get a snack out from me,
I look around looking for a place to sit down.
Found nothing,so I sit on the steps,
I don't mind people passes me by,
as long as Lucy satisfied.

A guy looked at me and smiled sweetly,
I smiled back and see,he have a kid
in his chest with the carrier sitting comfortably.

My tears want to fall down,
but i held back,knowing there are people around.
I wish my husband is with me,
Lucy will surely fit in his arms comfortably.

I look at my daughter lovingly,
if only her daddy is with us,
surely,we will have a lovelier day.


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  • sometimes,i hate money..its the reason why..my husband is saving all he can,i hope it will be soon.thank you anyway.....tc....:):)
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