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I remember the revolutions
as if in a single moment
I have lived a thousand times.
I remember absolution
hanging like ripe fruit
just out of reach
as if it were a crime.

I remember forgiveness
in the generousity of abiding Love.
In these dreams I have known
the antics of the fallen.
I remember the fall.

I remember dreaming
but cannot recall falling
into the world of  sleeping.
I remember drifting
past the still life photographs
of deja vu.

Before me lies a strange world
Every effort to remember
what lies beyond the port
is lost to the monsoon winds,
washed away in the rainy season.
I have grieved the loss
a thousand times.

Now, like a shipwrecked soul
I wander no more.
Now, I have grown tired
of making circles in the sand.
Now, I give my torment to the sea
with the Grace of abiding Love
I watch them disapear into the sunset.

I cannot hold the turbulent ocean
of days gone by
I cannot live in their drowning waters
I cannot eat of the lifeless waves
I cannot sail upon it's crests
in circles hoping the find my way home.

I remember dreaming of far way lands
I remember the Love I left behind
I remember the calm abiding
in the touch of your hands.

I remember the promise
I remember believing
and if I remember nothing else
This Truth stands clear;
it is time,
I am coming home.

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