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My ramblings

Im not as hard as i appear.
I am not as numb as they said.
My heart is fragile like the others.
I can feel pain as well as heartaches.

I shed tears so many
I can't count how many.
I know how to cry
but you never saw me crying.

Because I prefer to cry alone
Alone in my own world
Nobody can disturbed.

Everytime you mentioned this person
Considering the option
You want her to be your companion
In a days or so you went on and on.

I felt I died everytime you think that way.
Thinking of you with other woman on your side
makes me tremble with hurt and anguish.
You make me wonder,are you kidding or
is it real,you want her?

Funny thing is...it made my heart crying,
Making it sad for a moment.
I ask myself,am i jealous?
Yes,I am,i think so!

You never know how vulnerable i am
When it comes to my appearance.
While growing up,people mocked about that.
But i stood my ground,making myself so proud.

I think I succeeded,I gain my self confidence.
Through hardships and pains,
my struggles never go in vain.

So for you my darling,
I know you don't mean to hurt my feelings,
You just express what your heart's craving.
Believe me when i say..
No ill feelings,i just want you to know why i am suffering.
This is just one of those days I am feeling so edgy.

Rest assured my lover
My love is forever
Your strength is my strength
Your weakness is mine
I love you till the end of time.


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    • thanks..I always feel better when i wrote about my feelings.Its a way for me to escape the loneliness and sadness.I feel better now.....I am open to my husband,but this case is very sensitive...I might be judge if the people around me knows about who this person i am talking about.
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