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Everyday seems like forever.
I'm missing you so much to hold me tight.
My heart is dreaming to be held by you closely
tenderly,lovingly and gently.
I dream of love every single day.
There is no seconds my mind stop thinking of you my love.
I love you seems in appropriate to describe how I feel towards you my darling.
Every time when we talked,you told me your heart is dancing and smiling
every time you heard my voice.
It flatters my heart and it makes me grin with this silly grin of me.
Making me laugh is so easy for you.
You always manage to break the ice thats slowly building inside of me.
I would never be the same again my sweet loving heart.
Looking at you makes me wonder,what would be my life with out you?
Thinking of you give me comfort somehow.
Loving you makes me soft inside and stronger outside to face the reality of life.
Through the ups and down,I promise to be strong for us.
As you promise to be there always to give your shoulder to lean on.
You are my haven in despair.
You are the one that makes me feel complete.
Hold my hand my lover,lets walk together in this world
 full of never ending winding roads of life.


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