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You've never been.

Theres something about you that drives me crazy, that makes me go insane.
Your not what I was looking for but your everything that I've ever needed.
We've been through so much together and yet I've never held your hand, kissed your lips, or even looked into your eyes.
All of these long enduring days are seeming to grow longer, making me anxious.
I want you here, no I need you here.
I need to hear you whisper in my ear, I need to hold you in my arms, to know that this is real.
But yet, again, I know that you won't be here, not now...
Just like you've never been.

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    • Temptations arise; heartache and pain subsidies. Fame and fortune come and go; matters of the heart live on we know. Searching for our soul mates; going on many dates. Lost in this universe full of love and pain; sometime i think we all go a little insane. Matters of the heart never fade; they always stay the same. Longing for that warm embrace; as you slowly touch ones face. A gentle kiss to ones lips; softly yet passionate. As our hearts reach for the moon and are souls see shooting stars. Two people fall in love; like a soaring white dove. Happyness is to be; if only we can see. O wont you come to me, my princess to be!
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      • wow wow wow girly i have been in that spot and it aint pretty but jeez ur poem and ur face are quite lovely :) u'll find him i kno u will :)
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