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I am who I am

I am not good in writing
But I want to express my feelings.

I don't know how to write a poem
But i formed words full of meaning.

I am friendly
but mistaken for so many.

I am silly
but can't change because its me.

At times I am fun to be with
But then,i have a vision of a man 100
years of age.

My friends says,I am flirty
But then,I am just friendly.

They said,I am ambitious
But then,I just wanted to be prosperous.

I am loving,faithful and caring.
I believe to those I love.

I never lied to anyone
to make them feel better.
I rather tell the truth
and make them see what its worth.

I always give someone the benefit
of the doubts.
I never judge someone with out knowing
the cause.

When i love,I hold it in my heart
not to tight enough to make him breath.
Not too loose either,enough to make him hold.

I believe that love is freedom
and freedom is love.

I saw the faces of life.
And i thank God I'm still alive.


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  • You are great...your words are powerful when you speak the truth and people cannot handle the truth with so many lies in the air of others...keep being yourself and love will prevail.
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    • Thank you..its so nice of you,and i see your heart is full of love this days.Hope it will work this time,and you and your love can handle the ups and down this time.Relationships just need understanding,patience,trust and communication,don't forget compromising for each other is important too.Cheers!
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