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She loves me not

She loves me so
She loves me not
What is love like?
Well, I forgot

She loves me here
She loves me there
Her love is lost
A sad affair

She loves me big
She loves me small
She loves me less
Or not at all

She loves me weak
She loves me strong
I thought she did
Guess I was wrong

She loves my heart
She loves my mind
I love her too
But love is blind

Who does she love?
I do implore
She doesn't love
Me anymore

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    • Hmmm....please don't take this wrong,but your writing style on this particular piece of art made me laugh until I almost choked on oxygen. Its so ironically hysterical I couldn't help laughing.I absolutely love this. :)
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      • Thanks? I think I know what you mean. to be honest I didn't work very hard on it. Just sorta came to me.
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