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Many lives, many pains

Its been a while since my last sunset, a while since sunrise. A few minutes since i woke up and i feel like ive been sleeping over two lifetimes. Its night, the reflection from the lights in the living room hit my face. and i cant see you. You are not here. I woke up inspired, in pain, in love. Without a clue why, i just started writing again, because i dont want to forget how this night feels. I have little tiny fingers touching my arm on one side, and thats the main love stream right now. Im tired, i just want to rest. Im hurt, shivering inside, and thats normal. Love is not going to heal me, Ive had love, i havent loved. What i need is masked, and i cant see it or touch it. My life is a learning journey, and i believe profoundly that this life is the dreams of my real life, in another dimension. I believe that waking up tired and feeling sleepy comes from my real life, where i go to sleep and dream, and this life is what i dream of, and thats why i cant find love, real love, cant find rest, cant seace my thrist, my desire of you.  I dont like dreaming. Im just going to go to sleep, and hope to go back to my real life.


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