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Miles Away

I woke up in the middle of the night only to find you're not by my side.
I dreame of us we are in Paradise.
I know someday this waiting has an end,
We will be together again.

I felt your tender caress,
like a soft breeze touches my skin.
I am with you no matter what happen.
I just know we will be able to win everything.

I know its not easy,you are there and I'm here.
Thousands of miles separates us
but my love is always with you,
when the wind touch you,its me kissing you.

I know happiness awaits us in the other end of the rainbow.
My sweet loving heart,blessed are those who have patience
and grace for those who waits.
Our love is our guiding light.

As long as i know you are there for me,
I will wait for you,my loving thoughtful husband.
You are worth waiting for my darling.
I love you till the end.

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  • OMG your just writing what I feel in my heart. U are definitly inlove like me.
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