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Together For a Better Life

Were gunna runaway

and say

we'll live for a better day

get rid of the pain

driving us insane

just want life to get better

and us to be together

like back in the day

just like we useta say

that we'd runaway,

far away

and always be together

making life so much better

for the both of us

lets not fus

lets not rush

lets take the time that we need

save money and read

everything we need to know

about a family of three

you, our baby, and me

but that wont happen any more

you whore

i caught you with those guys

now your deep in lies

trying to make it better

living, dying, and realizing

we dont belong together

is now on my mind

and i sigh

and walk out on you

got nothing else to do

but runaway

and say

i'll be living for a better day

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