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Playing And Singing

When I get sad
And feel abandoned
And there is nobody around
I play guitar and sing
There is emotion in my fingers
and in my voice
if I don't play, I'll cry
sometimes I do both
Nobody hears or feels
But me
Onday someone will love me
I'm just waiting for that day
someone feels my heart
and realizes
I've always been a good man
but that doesn't count for much
Tonight the guitar is the only friend in sight
and love feels so far away
I never abandoned anyone

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Comments (2)
  • thats how i am with writing- my words are my emotion, the paper and pen are my reliever... your really talented. ....makes one feel secretly jealous
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    • Thanks....nothing to be jealous of. But thanks for the compliment. You know, I just wrote something last night about Apology...it's a haiku. I'll post it under your poem....I just read it.
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