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Age Of Conan Infomation About Skills(part two)

Hello players, today I will introduce you Anatomy of Cyclone of Steel information in AOC. Hope you like it.

4 - Miss
Explan - Now that stats actually mean something there is a miss ratio involved and many Barbarians have been complaining they miss with CoS about 1/4 to a third of the time. After doing some calculating the auther found he chance of land CoS is well above 80%. While missing can be frustrating, stay reasonable: you can't hit 100% of the time.

5 - HP Refund
Explan - If for any reason you break away from the target during the combo finisher, or if you die during the long atk animation, all dmg dealt to the target is refunded in full.

6 - Vulnerability
Explan - The finisher to the combo, especially with the higher tiers, is a very lengthy animated sequence of attacks. Even if you kill the target within the first couple strikes, and the target is at 0% health, you're still vulerable to their attacks until the finisher animation is complete. This offers a dead mob a few seconds to get some extra hits in and if they manage to kill you within that timeframe you die and their HP is refunded in full. Which brings us to our last con.

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