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i've always been there

just 'cause i care

no matter the cost

even when I'm lost

You've always been my idol

Not just my greatest friend

Only now

I still wonder how

You can sit there


And ask "how are we friends?"

How are we friends?

You tell me.

Looking up to see your face

Drifting out in outerspace

"Really, what do we have in common?"

More than you know.

More than you see.

Does it even matter.

I loved you

But I don't think I knew you.

But Ill always be here.

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  • sucks don't itr?
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    • What you feel means a lot....even if it is unnoticed. Don't let it crush your tender heart. I loved this line and the way "Stare" affected the tempo of your poem and helped me to imagine the moment you described: "You can sit there Stare"
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      • yeah, it was about my best friend, and he's like everything to me, i don't think he knows it though and we had a big fight and he doesn't think we're friends :( but thanks for liking my poem
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