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"Don't Be Afraid of Death, Be Afraid of the Unlived Life"

I'm really afriad to  die coz i think i really haven't yet

Fully lived my life

It's like I'm trapped in a box

I wanted to breakaway

And live a life where sky is the limit

Where I can be myself

Where I can always be positive

Where I care is only to love

And never to worry If I would ever to receive love

And so at the end

Where I'm at the threshhold of my death

I can look back at my life

And be happy



And a sweet smile on my face

Greatful in my heart

Tha I have lived a wonderful life


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  • so sweet.. i wish we could live such a beautiful life :) at least we can live it in our imagination...
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    • In this world it seems so hard to do but with Faith just keep on practicing and all your dreams will come true.
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      • It is that way for you. You have only to put your heart in everything you do and it will work out somehow, maybe not the way you imagined. Keep your heart open and keep your faith and don't give up on the possibility of love.
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