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Missing Him

He wraps his hands around my waist
and pulls me close to his body
I smile up at him, memorizing his face.

He whispers in my ear, telling me he loves me
side to side, he holds me gently.

These are our last moments together,
I feel like I am losing him forever
I feel my eyes start to sting, trying not to cry.

The tears start to fall, I wish he could stay
he looks down at me and wipes the tears away.

He reassures me he will return
as he lifts my chin and kisses me gently.

I will miss him very much
the love in his eyes, his smile and every touch.

He leans down and whispers "write to me everyday"
"I promise, sweetheart" was all I could say.

He flashes his gorgeous smile and kisses my forehead
the tears keep falling as I look away.

He says "tomorrow I will go overseas"
He got down on one knee, looked up and asked
"Will you marry me?"

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