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as i lay in his car i think of how i went to far...
i think of what i just done
i hope my lie is as good as none

at the time my mind was in the sky
touching and holding another guy

i know i'm unfaithful and very untrue
for a flat second i thought of you

what are you doing? and i know you really care
while i'm loveing my long day affairs..

lost in lust in a gulity sin
why did i let this even begin..

i love you with all my heart i told you that from the start
so when you lay down for bed as i say goodnight
i'll be with him again before the daylight

another day with the same guy
i'm realy glad you don't know why

in fact you don't know anything at all
i just hope this guy don't fall

as i sit here and wonder as my days end
god!! i'm lost in my sexual sins..

i know it will hurt him i know he cares..
its my mistake with my late night affairs

wrote by: Sierra B.

i hope everyone likes this its actually my first poem on here!!

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