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CAN I...??????

Can I leave my room for awhile
I'll just chase the star and smile
Borrow light and have some glitter
Hoping it will help to wipe my tear

Can I meet the King of night
Though I know it's far from my sight
I'll just embrace the innocence of moon
Hoping I will get better soon

Can I fly in the widest sky
I'll just burst out all my cry
Tears falling on my cheeks
Hoping I will get over from being weak

Can I feel the softness of clouds
Though I can't see it on the grounds
I'll just give my goodnight kiss
Hoping I'll have inside of peace

Can I close my eyes and dream
..that my life was out of pain...
..that my heart were not broken...
..that I could feel his love again....




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  • With such care and emotion I would place a bet on you being able to fly again!
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    • Some angels live a while with but one wing, eventually they are united with another angel with but one wing and together they can fly..........
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