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Dreaming of you is the only thing I can do
I'm alone here you know I'm feeling blue
I really want to see you and talk to you baby
But I can't find way 'coz we're living separately

Day by day you were on my mind
Everywhere I go it's you I want to find
Oh baby you always capture my heart
Though the truth was we're apart

If ever you are by my side
Then I can feel that everything is alright
But what else I can do rather than to cried
'coz I feel the loneliness on the coldest night

It is true that I'm here and you're there
But I'm the only one who seems to care
Due to the fact that you're with somebody
As you love her, I feel so badly

I keep on lovin' you though your love wasn't mine
As I feel bitterness you're so sweet to her like wine
I try to forget you several times
But it ends in saying: "ok to feel pain yet I'm fine"

I was jailed by the magic of your love
My feelings for you always set above
And even the destiny holds me to see you
I can't stop my mind to think bout you

Yeah it's right baby my love was true
But what else I can suppose to do
I want to say I love you yet I can't scream
What remains on me is nothing but a dream......


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  • It's a most difficult feeling to feel love for someone and to know that the feeling is not shared. So hard to take this loss when your very dreams have included this person. I feel sympathy for you because I know that feeling so well. All I can say is try to carry on without your love turning into bitterness. Seek the comfort and understanding of friends. Take stock in that you have a good heart capable of deep emotons and have faith that one day you will feel love again with someone who feels the same about you.
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