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Wings to Fly

Lost in the moment, lost in the past;
She's forgotten all she has to give.
Yearning for someone, something to last;
This girl only wishes to finally live.
Young and in love, happier than most;
They tell her the odds are against them.
Fighting to stay strong, believeing at all cost;
This girl will forever strive to keep him.
She lost her way, he's brought her back;
He cared when her world crashed blindly.
He keeps her in line, keeps her on track;
He's given her back her pride and beauty.
She lost her wings, forgot how to sing;
He doesn't know, but he makes her fly.
He taught her that love is a tricky thing;
But love is worth while and thy'll always try.
Forgetting the moment, forgetting the past;
She glances toward the deep blue sky.
Yearning for this someone's love to last;
He's given her back her witngs to fly.

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