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Mary Jean is her name

Its a sunny day when you and me having fun taking pic at the highway I am walking going to where you are standing too I know your smile aren't so you Because you missed my mom thats true Two years past my mom sent a letter for you You opened it so happy that i feel you Then I wondered why that glow disappear you went on store and bought those shit beers You asked for a scrambled egg I cooked looking at you so dead You want me to stay beside you So I didn't left to play my hue Years had past my mind still wanders at the past now you are having a mistress, im so sad I had once hated you Because i know nothing, whats up to you But each time i saw you out of the world I know you're thinking of my mom ahead but the lady you are with now had its pledge Its the baby she bet One day you feel so damn cold I hate these mistress giving you that Bullshit medicine with Ginebra in your bed She's crazy giving you a 'threat' since then everything was a bad dream you are craving asking for a rim and to give you a cure and see the shores core We brought you to you're place a few month you were replaced without drinking my coffee made for you cooking an oat to hotten the cold body of you When you left an angel came Named for you as Mary Jean Now I know Im lucky 'cause I feel your glory help me ! i want to give her what you have given in me

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    • This speaks of so much pain and confusion and bad memories and yet so much of Love. Can I adopt you? : ) As I said before, I'm certain your dad feels your love from afar and I'm sure he loves you, as well as regrets causing you sadness.
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      • thank you for understanding me ... hope we could be friends even just here ... i had a hard time these past days ... i havent compose any poems yet ... and just had a dropped here for few minutes and then back to work ... thank you for your concern it really is a big pleasure for me ... god bless !
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