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The Seasons.

Springtime arrives with flowers anew,
Iris and daffodil appear on cue.
The lark and cuckoo with calls so clear,
Remind us again it's that time of year.

Summer's sun ripens the grain,
Well watered after the springtime rain.
Flowers and plants of every hue,
Provide a stunning, colourful view.

Autumn's harvest at its best,
The soil can take its annual rest.
The wilting flower drops its head,
As the leaves from trees begin to shed.

In winter's chilly, icy blast
A snowy blanket it has cast.
Wild life snug in burrow or nest,
Await the spring in its warming best.

(c) John McKay Withey 2009

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Comments (4)
  • A pretty poem, reminding me I like all the seasons (Fall being my favorite...though I'm an avid skier and ice skater). Still, it is Spring where life is renewed.
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    • Thanks for comment. At times in Scotland we can experience all four seasons in one day! The topography of the country seems to cause extreme changes within a short period of time and also within very short distances. With all of this crashing around in our atmosphere, we can always say we have great variety of nature's forces. I enjoyed ice-skating when my bones were younger but have never attempted ski-ing.
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    • Thanks for your thoughts and glad you enjoyed the "Seasons". Our seasons are not so pronounced now probably due to the global warming. Our summers don't last long and are rarely ever hot and the winters are becoming generally very mild with little snow.
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