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Senses Of Pleasure.

A gentle touch says so much,
When comforting a lover whose loss is such,
No words can ease their deepest sorrow,
No comfort in words about tomorrow.

Our lover's voice we adore to hear,
As kindness and love, we know are near.
Warmth and praise we sense in their tone,
A lover by your side, your never alone.

To savour the flavour of a lover's lips,
To drink from the glass your lover sips,
Makes our taste buds acutely aware
Of the sensual pleasure we love to share.

The fragrance that your lover wears,
Portrays an empathy that each shares,
In the excitement of a favourite smell,
That joyfully the other knows so well.

The adoring look from your lover's eyes,
Signals it's you that they idolise.
With hearing, tasting, smell and touch,
All five senses tell so much.

(c) John McKay Withey 2009

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  • Thanks again for your comment. I think that we take a lot for granted as our senses are marvellous antenae if we use them properly.
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    • Someday.... One can only hope! As always, beautifuly written and simply understood... ...it's lovely John. ~c~
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      • Thanks again for your comments C. Glad you enjoyed "the senses". The senses can say so much without words. Pleasure at its simplest. John.
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