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Pages Of History

Martin Luther King had a dream,
No more racism was his theme.
Gandhi, "Father of the Nation",
His dream was poverty eradication.

Buddhist monks took a chance,
Against oppression made a stance.
Tanks filled Tiananmen Square,
Students with placards in despair.

Holocaust victims screamed with pain,
Auschwitz ruins still remain.
Hiroshima victims of A-bomb blast,
Children ran naked, faces aghast.

John F. Kennedy in his limo was shot,
Lee Harvey Oswald blamed for the plot.
John Lennon wrote"Give peace a chance",
His peace shattered by a gunman's stance.

Sri Lanka survived the Tsunami flood,
Homes and villages engulfed in mud.
Dafur and Ethiopia ravaged by drought,
Malnutrition and disease removing any doubt.

Poverty and pain over many long years,
But daily we live with the same old fears.
Have we learned nothing from victims tears,
As Armageddon beckons, we ignore wise sears.

(c) John McKay Withey 2009

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Comments (5)
  • Same old story...only getting worse. Nice poem!
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    • Love it.....and at the same time sad at how true it is...
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      • Thanks for your thoughts and comments. Do you think we have past the point of no return? John
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        • nice poem.. i like the way you put the event's together..and as for your question.. I think some times we have.. coz all we care is about the well being... they don't care about the harm to other people..
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          • Thanks for your thoughts and comments. According to various seers from old civilisations the world will cease as we know it ?? crunch date 12.21.2012.
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