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I am all alone my room
Playing my old guitar
And it seems it hasn't the tune
Like my love for him being bloom

I dropped the phone rang 
I hang the guitar, I'm done
I bend my body in 'mine'
It's the bear He gave me when He's mine

I took my towel
I went for a shower
I remember him
Nagging at dim

I cried, I cried
I sat the floor
The water flows
Over my body and soul

I've tried to forget
I tried to reset
The life I have
Before he left

Oh my mine
If only you're mine
I'll be the tallest of all pines
And the longest of all lines

I miss everything we are
I long for every chords you play on my guitar
I wanna hear the song you sang
And joined you till we're one

My mine! ! ! my mine! ! ! 
You're still on my mind
My heart still beat for you
And my soul lingers you so

Come back to me
Love me and I should be
Hear me calling
Catch me, I'm fallin' 

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  • I have an old guitar too I like to play and also miss someone..so I can relate!
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    • it was my first guitar and played by him ... i love him so much ... he was my every first ... my childhood and every memories he was there ... with me ... playing my guitar ... how i wish he'll come back ...
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