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my true feeLings

i dont know
how to start this
i dont know
how to say my feeLings
i am deepLy wounded
i am stiLL broken
and i dont know
how to fix myseLf
i do admit
it's stiLL you
that i want
its stiLL you
that i Love
if onLy i knew a way
an easier way
to get over you
i wouLd gLadLy
do that
than to wait
for your promise
promise which
i dont know
if you stiLL remember
i gues
im done with
the word of moving on
but i cant move on
i Love you so much
im not asking you
to come back to me
aLL i want is
a LittLe time for me
you said its me that you Love...
and i believed you
i think
i Love you more than you Love me...


pHa, happy 40th monthsary to us
nakaLimutan mu kc ata...
dont worry, i do understand you...
aLthough its reaLLy hurting me so much
but, what eLse can u do?
but to understand?
i just hope that one day, you"ll gonna knock on my door
sayinf how much you missed me,
and how miserable your Life is when im not with you..
im stiLL counting on your promise..
i miss you so much...
i wanted to kiss and hug you
just Like before...
i hope you do feeL the same...
i Love you so much and happy 40th monthsary
aLways take care and...
aLways be happy
see you soon....


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  • Loving someone more than they love is only knowing half of love...
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