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Your Heart I will Never Keep

I thought you were the One,
In many ways that were true.
I try to find the answers,
But I don't seem to have a clue.

I long for your love,
Your beauty and affection.
Sometimes I would wish,
That we never had a connection.

You want me to be your friend,
Yet you hurt me so bad.
I really want to hate you,
But I can't seem to get mad.

My world is so cold,
My heart is so dark.
The future is vague,
In the end, so long and stark.

In my dreams your my lover,
In my world so sweet.
But then I realize everyday,Β 
That your heart I will never keep.


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    • wow - i really just do like this . (: keep up the good work !
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      • Thanks :)
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        • keep up the good work lol
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          • I love this, word demonstration, incredible. =) keep em coming.
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            • haha thanks, I try!
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