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One soul

Two bodies one soul.
This is what makes you feel whole.
No it's not a play, there's no cast or a role.
Feelings are like roller coaster's no one has control.
Every time you see each other there's an emotional bliss.
There are butterflies in your stomach every time you kiss.
And when it's time for you two to depart you tend to miss.
Thinking about y'all very first time you begin to reminisce.
How he patiently waited for you.
And with all the rough times he seen you through.
He never made you feel blue.
This is how you knew his soul was true.
By doing all of this he showed his dedication.
Like when you called running he came with no hesitation.
Being able to be yourself he gave you inspiration.
You knew to your heart and soul he held the combination.
Every time he looked at you, it was the beauty that was skin deep that he seen.
Seeing the real you he knew you would be his queen...
No other beauty or soul would change his mind or come in between.
In his eyes you were his flower, his star and you were his butter bean..

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  • Thank you.. and thats what i did throw my thoughts on the paper. well i see it worked a lil someone's attention..
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    • thats a really interesting way of thinking & it makes great writing well done x
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      • thank you for your interest in my writing...
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