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Love vs. Lust

How can you tell the difference between love and lust?
This questions comes up when your heart is crushed.
So much pain inside it feels like it's gonna bust..
Find the answer to stop the pain you feel you must..

What separate's the two is your next question?
Days go by and this question is your depression..
You wonder was it love or lust that you gave an impression.
Love verses Lust is now your obsession. 

Still nothing has separated the two.
From all the blood your heart bleeds, you feel your through.
You think maybe love is not for you..
Or maybe love just isn't true.

But yet your heart will not give in..
You know some how love will win.
Deep down you felt more then lust within...
Yes it was lust that made it begin....

So how will we know at the end it was love?
When you woke up was that person your morning dove.
Or every time you seen that person did you think highly of?
Or was that person easily to let go of...?

Let's just say love is for affinity
And all lust do is help takes your virginity

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  • soo true :) good!! :) (Y)
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    • i'm glad we are on the same page.. it seem as though most guys aren't...lol..
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