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the dream that came true

The world shifts within time as do the thoughts in my mind
thoughts of the blind leading the ill, a holocaust in a rhyme
featuring skill but lacking essence was a problem of mine
Till a master walked upon my path, i was astounded to find
He took me under his wing, had me envision the light
"Wisdom alights on those" he told me "who are drivin to fight!"
A simple insight, but the meaning wasn't clear to me then
tho it is now, Forever commited to the pad and the pen
Compassionate then, He led me to where the entire world could be seen
A superlative thing, and so i asked is all of this just a dream
He only smiled and simply stated that "all our futures are one
As infinite as sea shores and clouds aligned with the sun
It is only possible to continue if earth inhabits a few
who understand that time is precious, unlike the views of a fool
But the views that we use, separate us from the masses confused
To direct them opposite of such a passionate ruse"
I asked of the few who would deliver those with minimal sight
Still he smiled with eyes closed...Then i awoke in the night!
I looked out my window and what i saw, a city flooded with pain
So I drew an ark with my pen to shelter the world from the rain

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