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SoMeOnE tO cHeRiSh




Someone to Cherish


You taught me how to be me

From you I’ve learned to act naturally

You let me express what I really felt

And I almost thought my heart would melt…


If I’m going to love a man someday

I’ll choose the one who’ll love me as me

And he should be someone like you

Will take care of me the way you do…


Was it destiny or I was just lucky

That you came on my way

Whatever it was, I’m grateful enough

Because once again I’m able to laugh…


Just when you need a hand to hold on

And seems that you can’t stand on your own

Don’t you ever forget you’ve got me

I will never let you down come what may…


Surely as time passes by

But sweet memories will never die

Through the years come and go

My love will still be with you…



Simply…a token of our newly built friendship!








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  • This is really beautiful butterfly! Friendship and kindness are two of the greatest gifts one can find in life. Sometimes that very thing allows us to be the individuals we are and your pretty poems says that so sweetly and sincerely.
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