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What you need to know about girls.

There's something you need to understand about girls,
They are beautiful like pearls,
They are sensitive and weak,
They are smart but they not cheap,
You buy them flowers, give them love
You give respect and care for them,
They are alot of responsability,
But you gotta give them hand for the creativity,
There's so much about them to know,
They are like flowers that grow,
They are beautiful from the outside,
But sometimes girls can really bite from inside,
You gotta be carefull with them,
Try not to brake them at all,
They give you attitude sometimes,
When you dont wanna pay attention to them,
But they give you care and love and respect,
When you actually care for them,
You gotta win their hearts,
I know it's alot of work.
But if you want her respect
You gotta pay attention to them,
You listen to what she had said,
You care when she gets hurt,
You love them for what they are,
You share romance sometimes,
Now that you almost there,
Listen and give the good care.
Now try not loose her at all
Be everyday there for her..

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  • Sounds like a tall order but also good advice. What i read between the lines is...have a heart...make time....listen......show you care....be true.
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    • I try & try again. But never get it right. I give up !
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