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Heart Broken

Why do you have to come back,
When you're not going to stay?
Why do you have to say you love me,
If you didn't mean it from the start!

How foolish I am to believe you're the
Love that I'm waiting for.
How stupid I am to fall,
For the wrong guy after all.

Can't seemed to understand,
Why your words cut so deep.
Like a sharp knife stab into my heart,
It cries only if you can feel

It bleeds only if you can see.
Yet, I still can't help myself,
But to fall for you over and over again.
Maybe because i care for you so much.

Maybe because i love you very much!
Yet, you don't feel the same
Though I know tears will be flowing every single
Night and day,

I'm willing to sacrifice just to see you happy once again.
Now, you're free.
Cuz I'm letting go of my love.
I'm letting you go i love you and

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Comments (4)
  • wow i feel every bet of pain i know everything that you are going thr....really im going thur the same thing right now.... only thing i just dont know how to let go of him because i love him so much, so babygurl your so not alone.. love me chy ... n ur poem was great.....
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    • I feel you gal yeah! its beautiful.
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      • ohmigosh I love it v.beautiful it touches ur heart x well done x
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