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The Nile Use to Run From East to West

Part 1
Ok, so I met this girl, Claire, who worked at the grocery store. There was somewhat love at first sight. I asked her out to hang out and she said yes. We dated for quite some time, I'm gonna say about a year. And then one of her friends, Robyn, who I knew WAY before Claire, told me that Claire was cheating on me with her ex. Robyn begged me not to tell Claire who told her. I asked why she was telling me this and she told me I deserve better than that. So I confronted Claire and she of course denied it, which I sort of did myself. I was so in love with Claire I decided to stay with her, but still not let my guard down.

So about two weeks later, Claire and I set up a date at a restaurant, where I would finally ask demand the truth, as she was growing more and more distant from me. We set the date up for 5:00 and in stumbles Claire at 5:45. I was somewhat relieved to see her, but at the same time, my eyes just opened. I realize how many dates she's actually been late to, how many calls she's missed and never returned. She sits down and apologizes for being late. She didn't even need to say anything, my heart was already broken.

I confront her about her and her ex one last time and she says no. I ask what took her so long and her answer was repetitive and she couldn't keep her words straight. I knew she was lying and she knew I knew. She got this look on her face, a blank look. I asked her, "You're cheating on me, aren't you?" And there was a short pause, before she finally said "I'm so sorry."

I leave the restaurant, not knowing what to do with myself. i didn't know what to do. I could barely even remember where I lived, I was so confused. Nothing made sense. I couldn't even stop shaking for the rest of the night. I didn't wanna get out of bed. I almost lost my job because of that. It was bad. One day, about a month after it happened, I still couldn't stop thinking about it, but I got out of bed one day, and just lived my life normally. I got a compliment, someone telling me how much better I looked. Barely anyone even knew what happened, just me, Robyn, Claire, her ex, and my best friend. I told most of them that we just went our separate ways. Eventually my heart got repaired, of course not 100%, but I felt extremely better.

Part 2
So I didn't even wanna think about girls, and almost 6 months had passed sense the break-up. It's now winter and I'm shoveling my sidewalk. The snow can get real bad sometimes. In the fog, I see a woman with her dog. She gets closer and I see it's Claire. She stops and says hello and it was extremely awkward. She asked me if my number was still the same, I said yes. She called me that night.

I barely did any of the talking, but she asked me if i wanted to see her again, and strangely I said yes. We hung out, and kissed at the end. The sparks just flew back to the both of us. She was like a different girl. A better girl. We dated for almost a month again. But the old Claire came back. She started getting gloomy and all depressed, and she wouldn't let me in. I went to Robyn. She wanted to refuse to tell me. But she did. She told me that her ex, the same one she cheated on me with told her he never wanted to speak to her again. And supposedly she didn't cheat on me the second time around. She actually "left him" for me but EXPECTED him to stay around. No, she didn't cheat, but she had the intentions to. She was still in a serious relationship with that guy when we re-met. So again, my heart was broke. Almost as bad as the first time.
Part 3
So I got over it a little quicker. And again, I was fully healed. I was almost ready to start dating again. Then it came to my attention that Robyn and Claire were no longer friends. I asked her why and Robyn said it was because of me. I felt horrible, and Robyn told me not to. She said I was a great guy and I deserved much better than Claire, and that's why she gave me the information. Then I felt something I never did with Robyn. I asked her how she felt about me and she didn't say anything. I asked her if she thought of me as more then a friend and she opened up.

She said that she was in love with me from the moment she saw me. And I never thought of her like that, but I wondered if I could. She kept talking. She said she knew how much I hurt with Claire. Then she said how heartbroken she was the both times I went with her. I felt horrible so I just kissed her. And it was nothing like I felt with Claire. It was like there was a reason for everything. To this day we're still dating.

This is a fictional story. I don't know if I'm ready to share my story with you, because I'm not even close to 100% healed yet. So I'll continue to post fictional ones until then I'll tell you.

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