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I think of her

In the morning
when I first rise
I think of her
Throughout my day
as now
I think of her

That indescribable feeling
of wanting, needing, caring
Words can't explain the sunshine
and the rain

hoping love is shared
and not in vain
I think of her

Not knowing where it's leading
or if love is only a sad game
I think of her

She's brought a change to me
life will never be the same
I think of her

I'm a foolish man I say
to believe in love again
I think of her

I wonder how she is
and how she feels each day
I think of her

I wish I could feel her caress
and feel her softly against my chest
I think of her

written on my heart
as I pray and close my eyes to sleep
her gentle name

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Comments (3)
  • This is beautiful. She's very lucky.
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    • I used to go around life hanging my head down. And now I'm beginning to realize I wasn't so unlucky. Thank you so much for your kind comment! She is somone special.
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      • She is special but you are great.....For her to find someone who can love and express themself is a benefit for both.
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