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You never gave me back my heart.

I said to you the i loved you just as you told me you loved me too,

You made me feel so safe and sure of my self, I just couldn't deny the truth,

Your kiss was ecstacy and at that divine feeling my conscience grew weaker,

All my fears and emotions that were trapped within me had finally been set free,

There was nothing else that could possibly stop us, my heart had made a decision,

That tender moment, the moment i decided to give my self to you

The beat of my heart was so intense; it was the only thing i could hear

As you kissed my neck softly, I gave into it as quickly as i said i never would,

Your heart began to beat just at hard as mine, and you looked at me sweetly,

Reassuring me that you loved me and that nothing could come between us,

I gave in and when i realized it, what i thought was mere beauty became a night mare

The crushing pain that you assured me I wouldn't feel began to become real

I tryed to push you off but you refused and the pain became intense

Tears began to pour down my face

The pain became unbearable and at that moment i screamed!

I woke the next morning panting frantically and frightened to death to realize

That it had all been a nightmare

That same day, I broke up with you, i couldn't even look at you

I still love you, but for one mistake you made that i thought was a nightmare

It wasnt a nightmare

It was real

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  • Wow! That was a powerful poem... You have to read the poem I wrote: Love Can Be Painful.. it's relative to your poem. Anyway, good work! keep it up.
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