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My Love

Your are my love, my life, my soul,
I love you more, than you'll ever know.
My pulse races, my heart pounds,
Everytime, you come around.You make me shake, you make me weak,
My lips tremble, I can barely speak.
"Touch me, touch me my love",
Our bodies unite, we fit like a glove.
I never, ever, want to let you go,
Please hold me tight, and love me slow.
I long for you, night and day,
I love you more, than words can say.
Your touch burns me, like a flame,
Your body moving, drives me insane.
As your hands, caress my skin,
I feel the heat, burning within.
The time has come, for us to unload,
You hold me tight, as we both explode.
Is this a dream? Can this be true?
Us lying here, me loving you?
You are all that I want, you are all that I need,
Please love me again, before you must leave.
I am yours, and you are mine,
A love to last, till the end of time.
Thank you my love, for a wonderful night,
Let's always make love, and never fight.


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