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The Joy Of Xmas.

                                             The Joy Of Xmas


                                Christmas trees and snowy days,

                                Heavy clouds and jingling sleighs.

                                Children laughing, having fun,

                                Icicles sparkling in the sun.


                                Carol singing with the local choir,

                                About a boy child born in a byre.

                                Brandy rare and chocolate cake,

                                Mum gets tipsy trying to bake.


                                Little noses at the window pane,

                                Hoping for lots of snow, not rain!

                                For how can Santa guide his sleigh,

                                If the snow upon the ground can't stay.


                                As Christmas eve draws ever nearer,

                                The night time sky twinkles ever clearer.

                                Heavenly bodies brightly shine,

                                Intricately placed by grand design.


                                Christmas morn dawns at last,

                                The snow has fallen thick and fast.

                                Little eyes sparkle with joy,

                                As excitedly they spy another toy.

Christmas presents by the tree,

                                Gaily wrapped for all to see.

                                Little hands tenderly enfold,

                                The present on which their name is scrolled.

And after all the fun and festivities,

                                Happy pantomimes and local nativities,

                                What a better world we all could share,

                                If the Christmas spirit would last all year.

                                Written & (c) John McKay Withey 1994 

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    • Truly beautiful
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      • Thanks che57vy I think we are all children at heart and love Yuletide. John.
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