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Now U Cry

Another lie, another threat, now u cry,
You've lost the bet.
Can't get a life, you're such a jerk,
You can't have me, your words won't work.
Face down in dirt, it's now goodbye, was all
your fault, and now you cry!
Another hug, just one last kiss, death sets in,
Lets end on this.
Living a hell, I can't be free, it's not for you,
It's all about me, so try in vain, I just don't care,
Do what you want, I'll never be there.
You had the chance, it passed you by, it's too late now,
And now you cry. You tried so hard, but never knew,
Give up, sweetheart, I'm too good for u!
Your life may be hard, but u can't ruin mine,
While you're so distraught, I'm feeling just fine!
One more lie I won't believe, I won't suffer,
Won't be naive, struggling so hard,
But now I've gone away, u are such a nothing that's
Why u can't stay. It's over and done, and now u cry!
But it's too late, I'm gone, GOODBYE!

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  • i love ur words and how u use them
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    • wow that is harsh i cant belive that
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      • now thats ma gal make em remm` an d feel!
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        • wow .. GoGirl x :P powerful stuff awesome x
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