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I saw this figure just standing there
Her beauty so engulfed me
I could not move
I could only stare

I tried to open my mouth to speak
But not a word would mutter

When I saw her wings
My heart began to flutter

I was in a trance
Frozen in time
My thoughts were inprisoned in my mind

I wanted to move!
I wanted to scream!
I wanted to get her attention
So she would look at me

My thoughts begged from inside
Please look my way!
Please, please, please so I can see your beautiful face

My mind was becoming intoxicated
Feeling very high

Then all of a sudden
There was a loud boom! of Thunder
There lighting streaked across the sky
I was afraid so I closed my eyes

When I opend my eyes there she stood 
In front of me
So beautiful
A winged angel of darkness that only I could see

I tilted my head and she kissed me on my cheek
She turned and spread her wings and flew away
Right in front of me

I stood for some time in disbelief
But as I wiped my hand across my cheek
My hands were red from the blood from her lips

I love you angel of darkness
I cant wait until I see you again



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