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A NIght Ride

I hear you calling.....
Calling me by my name
Just one more ride I hear you say.. over.. and.. over
I role and tumble through out the night cant sleep
Wakeing every few moments wondering
If Im losing my mind
I finally give up and get up out of bed
As I walk through the house towards the garage
The voices slowly go away
I know what I must do
Yes I know.....because this is not the first time this has happened
I go and get dressed, put on my leather
Get my gloves and my helmet
I go to the garage and I see you sitting there just waiting
for me
I climb on you and as I crank you, your engine roars to life
I feel the power vibrate under me
I then realize theย importance of this ride
I realize Im not losing my mind from the voices I thought I heard
I realize it was my own conscious "willing: me to ride
I ride around out on the by pass and then head towards home
I start to feel relaxed and at ease
I get home get undressed and go to bed no voices no stress
total relaxed, total happiness
I fall asleep


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    • loveeeeeee it :)
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      • thanks....Ds
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        • I love what you have wrote! That is how i feel at times with my bike,I feel freedom when i ride.
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