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For The One I Love - J.Groenewald

This is a poem I wrote for my girlfriend a while back. Please keep name in tact as far as possible. I really loved her and without her I would not be able to live. This is for you Bianca Haupt

For The One I Love


I imagine a world without you

And I drop to my knees, weeping

No longer can I imagine me without you

You have become my world


I cant make it on my own

You have possessed my heart

And my soul

And even if it should kill me

I want to care for you

From now till eternity


I just got a feeling about you

And I don’t know what I would do without you

I am weeping at this very moment

Just of the thought of a world without you


I exclaim now to you

That this is what I want to do

I want to marry you and love you

And treat you like you have never been treated before

With love, affection, passion and this I promise you.


From now till my dying day

This is for what I pray

Let me show you how much I care for you

And that I will always

Always  love you.


My words have never been so true

From the first time I  told you  that I love you

No longer do I fear my past

For you my love

are my future.


Written by: J.Groenewald


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