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How Was I supposed to know?

It was just a normal day on the way to work. The usual 20 minute drive to the pool where I was life guarding that summer. I got there on time and made my way to the office. I got half way there and she caught my eye. How was I supposed to know she saw me too? How was I supposed to know that in that moment I fell in love?

It took me nearly a week to get the courage to ask my coworker her name and how she was doing. It was like seeing a superhero that took my breath away. With that I thought to give her a lost and found watch as a funny gift. She laughed and took it home with her. How was I supposed to know she would still have that broken watch to this day? How was I supposed to know she had just as many feelings for me?

After the watch it took almost another week to ask her out on a date. She said yes and I started planning. I took her to a movie and a ride to the beach. The scene was set and we had out first kiss. We left and stopped by my house for a little while. Soon enough it was all over and my head was full of thoughts of her the rest of the night. How was I supposed to know that with that kiss she too knew that we would be together forever? How was I supposed to know that she would be at my house more than 150 times that year?

Soon there after I knew it had to be done. I took her to a beach near me and sat her down at a picnic bench facing the sunset. I took a deep breath and went for it. She said yes. That’s when my life began and I really started to live. How was I supposed to know it would be different from all the others? How was I supposed to know we would always return to that spot where we started?

It’s been nearly a year and a half and we are going strong. Love is flourishing and smiles are abundant. I could never have dreamed of a love like this. I never knew I could feel this way about someone and actually love so strong. How was I supposed to know she was so special? How was I supposed to know she would be the reason why I keep my life together and on track?

How was I supposed to know?


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  • This is a wonderful and very sweet story, and I loved the way you have written it in poetic form. as for helen22 Im asking people to email the modorator and have this person deleted it is a scam and is ruining this site for all of us who are here to read and post.
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    • Thank You! I'm glad you like it. Ya I know those fake profiles are getting kind of annoying. I keep getting messages from them.
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