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Over the twins, rules Mercury sublime,
Messenger of the Gods, hastens through time.
Symbol of communication with a restless fate,
Eloquence and silver tongue is his trait.

Inquisitive, intelligent, with a roving eye,
Many flirtations, this sign will try.
With lack of stability, no permanent state,
Friends they can hurt, a difficult mate.

Verbal dexterity they have in excess,
Translators or linguists, using words to express.
Adaptable, versatile and very unreliable,
Their light hearted wit, readily undeniable.

Aquarius should bring a reasoning to bear,
Of light hearted liaisons be very aware.
Whilst mediator Libra brings balance so fair,
Their diplomacy shows a viewpoint to share.

Duality of nature as day and night,
Like Castor and Pollux, they have a plight.
With Mercury ruling their guiding light,
Their quickness of wit turns wrong into right.

Written & (c) John McKay Withey. 1996

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