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Ebony Eyes.

As you smiled and flashed your ebony eyes, 
I felt I'd won a special prize.
That shook my being to the very core,
And determined that you, I would adore.

Your eyes as dark as the deepest sea,
Instill a love deep in me.
Their soft and gentle mystery,
Betray your Eastern history.

When I look into your loving eyes,
You give me a thrill I can't disguise.
While sensually enticing me without a touch,
The expression in your eyes says so much.

Every day is like a special dream,
Your eyes emitting a hypnotic beam,
That lures me to an enchanting place,
Deep within your heavenly grace.

Those beautiful, captivating, endearing eyes,
With sparkling youth yet worldly wise,
Signal your love, leaving no doubt,
Emphasise to me what you're about.

Written (c) John McKay Withey 2008

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    • Hi Roselie, Glad you liked "The eyes". I am always captivated by beautiful eyes. They are said to reflect the soul. Thanks for comment. John
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      • Silly, but this one made me cry, it's beautiful. They all are John.
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        • Hi che57vy, Thanks again for your comment. I read that "the eyes" have caused an emotional reaction. Eyes to me say so many things. If you find the time read Roselie's poems. For her young age she creates beautiful pieces. You may need another handkerchief. John.
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