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the one you first met..

I’m sorry for what I don’t do
But you got to believe I really love you
I know it hurts for you not knowing
And I’m sorry I don’t let my feelings show
I know I’m not the one you first met
I feel so helpless when it comes to you
I really don’t know what to do
I see now that I’m pushing you away
And I’m scared you won’t be here one day
That’s one fear I hold in my heart
I’m scared of love I said it from the start
Please don’t leave me because I don’t understand
Why now it’s so hard to hold your hand
I’m sorry that I can’t see
That you've always wanted to be with me
I’m scared one day you will leave me
It’s hard for me to understand
I will try to change I promise I will
I will start to show you how I feel
If you stay you will not regret
Because one day I’ll be the one you first met

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    • that is a great poem!!!
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      • thanks....
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