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Secret Wars of the Night

The sun sets -
The room fills with gloom
And your heart fills with dread -
Another night comes
For you to fight.
For you to fight what no one else sees
Or at least they pretend not to believe.
Your eyes are full of stories -
Stories people mock you for
Your soul is worn down from years
Of a secret war.

The sun sinks further
Behind the rising mountains
The shadows get bigger
And things unknown begin to stir
Anxious and greedy for souls
     and blood.
Just when the blackest oil
Floods the sky -
A light of hope catches the corner of your eye.
In all these years -
You've been alone -
Fighting a darkness
That only you see
That only you believe...
And now,
Somehow -
There is another light -
Another angel that sees
what you see.
Another angel that believes your stories.
Your spirit soars
As you hear the roar
Of the secret monsters of the night
Because you know
That now...
Now, you can accomplish anything -
And you will win another fight.

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